Having compiled and published the first book on Laffoley’s oeuvre, The Phenomenology of Revelation (1989), this began a journey with Paul Laffoley that lasted for 28 years and onward.

The creation of this website only became an imperative after the death of Paul Laffoley on November 16, 2015. I worked with Paul as an archivist documenting his work, creating a template we referred to as a “thought form” with edited inscriptions for a vast number of works and generating photographic records for 30 years, those efforts resulting in the University of Chicago Press monograph entitled The Essential Paul Laffoley (2016) that appeared, sadly, 6 month after his passing.

After his death, as his belongings were being moved to storage, a vast quantity of handwritten journals were discovered. During Paul’s lifetime, I had only been made aware of approximately ten essays, five of which were reproduced verbatim in the Henry Art Gallery monograph on Laffoley entitled Paul Laffoley: Premonitions of the Bauharoque (2013). Upon sorting through his vast library and ephemera, approximately 125 unpublished journals were discovered. We scanned all of the journals digitally, and thought we would make them available for study and for future discussion.

The subjects of Laffoley’s essays span an exceedingly wide range of knowledge including the history of Visionary Art, the Nature of Time, the principals of Meta Energy and Lucid Dreaming, Architecture, Science and Art History. He thought of himself as a Utopist in the most illuminating manifestation. I would ask that if you quote from Laffoley in your own work that you give him proper credit.


This website would not have been possible without the design and implementation skills of Katrina Neumann, and the archival and detail oriented organization of the journals themselves by Adrienne Bennett.